How to Set up a Linksys Wireless Router

Linksys is one of the most popular brands of wireless routers. I just replaced my old router with a new Linksys two months ago. Linksys has a fairly simple step-by-step Setup Wizard to help users get the process done right.

Choose a central location for the router. This location should be equal distance between computers if possible. This will allow the best connections. Do not place the router in an area surround by metal. The signal will be blocked by the metal. Remove the router from the box and attach the power cord and antennas to the Linksys wireless router.

Attach your Ethernet cord to the port on the back of the router marked “Internet”. Plug an Ethernet cable into one of the ports on the back of the router. Do not plug it into the “WAN” port. Connect the other end of the Ethernet to a computer and plug the power cord, for the Linksys, into a socket.

The power light on the router will flash for a few minutes. Once it has stopped flashing, restart your computer. The computer should automatically detect the Linksys and reset your IP address. Look the back or side of your router for a router default gateway or access page. It will look like this: Open you Internet browser and type the address in the address bar.

You will be asked for a name and password. This should be printed on the router as well. The user name is normally “Admin” and the password is left black or is “Password.”

Click on “Internet Setup” to continue through the process. Choose the type of connection from the drop down menu. Select PPoE if you have a DSL modem pr DHCP if you have a cable modem. To change the name and password for the router, choose “Set a Service Identifier or SSID.

You can encrypt your wireless connection under the “Wireless Security” option. If you password protect your router only people with the password can use the connection. You can manually set a password or click on “Generate”, to have a randomly selected password.

Your router is now set up and should appear in the available connections on your computer. Test out your connection on another computer and make sure you are sending a signal. The signal should be very strong in all the rooms around the router.