Barnes & Noble Offers Free Coffee To E-Readers

Now that you can download books to your phones, iPads, or even e-reader devices, why would you ever need to go to an actual store?

Barnes & Noble is trying to draw more people in– not only to look at actual books, but also to give more people the opportunity to see its new BN e-reader software.  In order to achieve this, Barnes & Noble stores are offering free coffee to BN powered e-readers.  That includes anyone using the Nook or any BN application on their iPads, iPhones, iPod touches, BlackBerries or HTC HD2 devices and portable Mac or Windows computers.  Sorry Kindle users.

In order to get your free coffee, you just have to hold up your device and prove you’re using the the BN network.  Then go sit down and enjoy.

Barnes & Noble has long been interested in making the Nook to support e-book sales.  The advantage the Nook has over the Kindle is the in-store promotions available.  Apparently the Nook allows users to bring the e-reader inside the store and view selected books for an hour at no extra cost to them.  Another promotion, called “More In Store,” offers free content that can only be downloaded while you’re in the store.

There’s no word as to whether these previous promotions were successful, but I’d imagine free coffee and comfortable seating will entice readers to come inside and sit a spell.