Google Background Images

Google sure is drawing a lot of attention to themselves today.

If you head on over to the Google search page, you’ll notice a lovely background of some sorts.  I’m seeing a sunset on a lake with a girl just hanging out on the dock.  Very serene and comforting, but it reminds me of the ever increasing temperatures outside and I’d like some cold.

If you look at the bottom left corner of the page, there’s a link in white text that says “Change background image.”  If you click that, a pop-up screen will show you various pictures you can replace the stock one with.  You can pick images from your computer, from your blogspot blog (if you have one), featured pictures, and editor’s picks.  I chose a beautiful blue picture of ice from National Geographic under the editor’s picks.  That will cool me down for a bit.

If your pick doesn’t suit you, look back at that same corner as before and hit “Remove background image.”  This will take you right back to the stock image from before.  If you prefer more traditional, under one of the tabs is a basic white background.  If that still bothers you, you can try Google’s secure site, which still has the basic style.

After having just reported on “Epic Google,” I am so thrilled that this is where they’re putting their energy.  Not only is this interactive, but it allows for personalization.  Good job Google!