Tuesday Tip: Do Not Use Windex

This Tuesday Tip comes from a strange questions asked to me by a few friends the other day. Normally I wouldn’t think of mentioning this, but after more than one person asked me why their lap-top screens had unsightly streaks I think this simple tip might be good for everyone to know.


There. Oh, you want to know why and what the alternative should be? Okay fine…

Don’t use Windex to clean your computer screen because A) your computer screen is not a window, and B) Windex contains chemicals great for cleaning your window, but quite harmful to your computer. Most notably these chemicals are ammonia and vinegar – also known as acids. If you use these acids to clean your screen you will probably end up with unsightly streaks and continued use will result in the deterioration of your screen as they will slowly eat away at the film. This goes for both matte and glossy screens.

Instead, you should probably invest in a proper screen cleaner such as iKlear or Monster ScreenClean. Both will set you back a few bucks, but combine them with a microfiber cloth and your computer screen will love you for it. These cleaners will help do away with streaks and they won’t shorten the lifespan of your screen.

Read more on iKlear here.