‘Farmville’ Is Coming To The App Store

Did you know that more than 70 million active players are on the popular game Farmville?

I didn’t know that either.  “More people play Zynga games than watch the season finales of Lost and 24,” says the Zynga CEO.  What’s worse is that most of these folks don’t consider themselves “gamers.”

Anyways, at WWDC 2010 during the keynote speech, game developer Zynga revealed that their insanely popular game will become available to Apple products users at the App Store.  But wait, doesn’t Farmville run on Flash?

Just to put the nail in the coffin (or “knife in the heart” as Gizmodo says) of all things Adobe, Zynga is producing Farmville without their help.  You can still farm the same farm as you do on Facebook, getting push notifications when your crops start to wither.  You can interact with others as well- fertilizing their crops, sending them gifts, even steal their things should you desire.  The demo of the app sent viewers into a tizzy, although the picture of what looks like an acid green house on Gizmodo kind of turns my stomach.

So many questions to ask!  How will Adobe react to the non-Flash Farmville app?  Will there be an app made for Android OS phones?  When will this all become available?

We here at Digigasms will try to keep you updated as time progresses.