WWDC10: The Center of the App Universe

WWDC 2010

(Editor’s Note: We’ll be liveblogging the keynote address later today, so be sure to come back here to the blog and check out our updates for  this special event!)

The Apple Developer’s Worldwide Conference (WWDC 2010) is now here!

This year’s conference is titled “The center of the app universe,” so hopefully we’ll see some exciting new developments in all things iPhone.  Steve Jobs will start off this special conference with his Keynote speech at 10:00 a.m. (all times listed are PDT) on Monday, June 7.  Of course this only launches the special events for the week.

On Tuesday, the Apple Design Awards Ceremony kicks off at 7:30 p.m.  These awards set out to recognize iPhone OS applications that demonstrate technical excellence, innovation, technology adoption, and quality.  After the ceremony at 9:00 p.m., Apple will have a panel called “Stump The Experts,” where folks can try their best to stump Apple designers on Apple trivia.

Wednesday will have a special lunchtime meeting with Michael B. Johnson called “Making Movies is Hard Fun- Building Tools For Telling Stories.”  Johnson has been involved in almost all of Pixar’s films and will be sharing how they tell compelling, well thought out stories at 12:45 p.m.

At 12:45 p.m., Thursday’s lunchtime will be dedicated to NASA and their new app, which makes it fun to discover information about space, missions and real-time data on iPhone.  Later that day (6:00 p.m.), there will be the WWDC Bash at Yerba Buena Gardens, where Apple fans can rub elbows with Apple’s engineering teams.

The last lunchtime special (also at 12:45 p.m.) will be on Friday and will center around CNN.  The website says, “Over the past 30 years, CNN has aggressively adopted new technology to advance the state of the art in television and online news journalism. But they are currently in the grip of a technology transition like no other in their 30 year history. Michael Koetter, CNN’s Vice President of News Technology Planning and Development will take you behind the scenes to see how CNN is integrating their global content environment and the role Apple plays in this epic transition.”

Of course these aren’t the only events to watch over the course of the week.  Over 100 sessions will take place during the week, focusing on Application Framework, Core OS, Developer Tools, Graphics and Media, and Internet and the Web.  Check here to find out the exact sessions and times should you wish to attend.

Check back with us here at Digigasms over the course of the week to hear any special announcements!