WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs Keynote Live

It’s less than an hour from the kick-off of WWDC 2010, with Steve Jobs presenting his keynote speech at 10:00 a.m. PDT, 1:00 p.m. EDT. Join us right here on Digigasms for liveblog coverage of the event, as we gather and collate information from as many resources as possible.  We might not be inside the event (this time around), but we’ll be bringing you the information so fast you’ll swear we are there.

Topics on today’s rumor list include announcements about Apple TV, iPad sales and (of course) the new iPhone. It will be hard for Jobs not to comment on the recent iPhone 4G pictures and videos that have been leaked online, stealing some of his thunder. But nevertheless, we expect to see Jobs in his usual blue jeans and black sweater combo, giving us all a warm and fuzzy feeling as he reveals the next step in Apple’s total electronic domination plan. Or something akin to it.

Whatever the keynote holds, you can be sure we’ll get the word out to you as quickly as possible, right here on Digigasms. We’ll also be tweeting the announcements as well, so if you can’t join us for the liveblog coverage, be sure and follow Digigasms on Twitter.

10:07 – Steve Jobs has already hit the stage and is going over all the updates on iPad goodness. Stats to follow…

10:09 – Apple sells an iPad every 3 seconds and will have iPads in 19 countries by the end of July.

10:10 – There are currently 8500 native iPad apps, which have already been downloaded 35 million times.

10:11 – iBooks have already been downloaded 5 million times (the titles, not the app), accounting for 22% of the industry, according to publishers.

10:12 – Main iBooks competition is the Sony e-book Reader, Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.

10:14 – iBooks is getting an update to support PDF files. Nice move!

10:15 – Hmmm, now he’s talking about HTML5 and how Apple is supporting it because it is “fully open.” Yeah, okay.

10:16 – Now Jobs is addressing the app approval process, something that has been in the news as of late.

10:17 – 95% of all apps approved within seven days. 5% rejected because they crash, use third party APIs, or just don’t work.

10:18 – Jobs says, in passing, that sometimes what we read about the app approval process just isn’t true. Hmmm….

10:19 – Now’s he’s asked Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, to the stage.

10:20 – Netflix app is coming to the iPhone!

10:21 – Streaming for Netflix will be available for both WiFi and 3G.

10:22 – Zynga is up next, the makers of some of the most popular games on Facebook.

10:23 – Farmville is coming to the app store.

10:24 – Apparently you will be able to interact with your farm from Facebook … at least that was my take on it.

10:26 – Activision is up next to talk about Guitar Hero.

10:27 – If the guy from Activision can’t even get excited about his presentation, how are we supposed to? PR FAIL

10:28 – Steve Jobs is back on stage to rescue the show from the Activision fail. Says over 5 billion downloads from the app store now.

10:29 – 70% of all fees go to the developers. Over $1 billion has been paid out as of a few days ago. Wow.

10:30 – Now we’re getting to the part everyone wants to hear about: the iPhone! Bring it on.

10:31 – Steve quotes two statistics that are in his favor: according to Nielson, the iPhone is #1 with 35% of the smartphone marketshare, and Windows mobile is only at 28%.

10:32 – Now he’s reviewing the iPhone history, obviously leading up to his next big announcement.

10:33 – The new iPhone 4 … looks just like the one Engadget got their hands on. Nice job guys.  Steve’s going to feature his favorite eight new updates out of the 100s he says are in this model.

10:35 – Of course, there is first the obligatory patting himself on  the back for the thinnest, sleekest, best thing they’ve ever done. Again. Yes, we get it Steve.

10:40 – Lines around the outside of the case are part of a built-in antenna system to help enhance reception. Nice move.

10:43 – New buzz term emerges: “retina display” refers to the ability of the human eye to distinguish pixels. Apparently it is about 300 dpi at 10-12 inches from the eye.

10:44 – At 326 dpi, Jobs proclaims the new iPhone is “comfortably” over that mark. Mmmm, okay.

10:45 – And while I was reporting on the new display, there was a very long break in the flow b/c Jobs couldn’t connect to the WiFi for his next presentation. Someone in the audience loudly suggested Verizon. Ooops.

10:48 – Moving on, Jobs talks about the screen resolution (960×640) and calls it “IPS” technology.

10:50 – Next up is talk about the A4 chip and why they went with a micro-sim for this phone: less space required.

10:51 – According to Jobs, the new A4 manages power so well that we’ll see 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing ,10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 300 hours of standby.

10:53 – Now the speeds: Quad-band HSDPA/HSUPA for 7.2Mbps down, 4.8 Mbps up. Wow, that’s hard to believe.

10:55 – Another new feature is the addition of a gyroscope. Interesting to see how app devs will take advantage of this.

10:56 – New camera system includes 5 megapixels and a backside illuminated sensor.

10:58 – Now for the kicker: the camera will record HD video, a full 720p at 30 frames per second.

11:00 – iMovie is coming to the iPhone! Oh yeah, this is rocking the house.

11:05 – Jobs is asking everyone to turn off their devices to he can demo this thing! Over 500 WiFi base stations in-house right now. Holy crap …

11:06 – The iMovie will export at export in 360p, 520p and 720p and be available in the app store for $4.99

11:07 – Now he’s moving on to the new OS … dropping the name “iPhone” and simply going with iOS 4.0.  Wow. This has big implications. Seriously.

11:09 – Jobs is now presenting the multitasking capabilities of the iOS 4. Demos Pandora with multitasking capabilities.

11:10 – Also showing the new mail threading capabilities.

11:13 – One big question is whether or not the multitasking capabilities are true multitasking where apps are actually running in the background, or paused.

11:14 – Also goes over the renaming of folders and other multitasking features.

11:15 – Looks like they’ve also added Bing to the search engine choices available on the iPhone. Over 100 million iOS devices sold.

11:16 – Next feature is iBooks on the iPhone. Wait, didn’t we already cover iBooks? Okay Steve, we’re on to your tricks now.

11:17 – Nothing super shocking about the iBook features yet. Must be dwindling down here. By everyone’s count, this is feature seven. What will be next?

11:20 – Still no official word on the availability dates or pricing.

11:22 – Number eight is iAds? Really, Steve?

11:22 – So we’ve got a front-facing camera, but still no video chat? WTF?

11:24 – iAds keep you inside the app. Okay, great. High-priced Apple ads come to all of your apps. Sign up, they put in the ads, and you (the dev) gets a check.

11:29 – Email Steve Jobs at sjobs@apple.com. Why not? (He put his email addy into an ad as a demo, not sure if that’s really it or not.)

11:30 – Let’s see if he has “one more thing” … like a date or price? Come on Steve!

11:32 – Predicting $60 million in ad revenues in 2nd half of 2010, effectively 40% of the US mobile ad market.

11:33 – Face Time … video calling! YES!

11:34 – Steve calls his friend, Jony Ive. Video quality appears to be good, according to Mac Rumors. 😉

11:36 – It appears that this call was over the WiFi; it will not be available on the 3G network.

11:37 – iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 only on this video chat, no setup required.

11:38 – Will work with front facing and rear facing cameras.

11:40 – FaceTime demo and it looks like we’re getting ready to wrap things up.

11:42 – Price and availability: iPhone 4 comes in two colors, black and white — price is $199 in the US for the 16 GB model, and $299 for the 32 GB model, with 2-yr contracts.

11:43 – Some upgrade offers are being moved up via AT&T.

11:44 – The iPhone 4 will hit store shelves on June 24th, with pre-orders starting on June 15th!

11:45 – Eighteen countries included in the launch, but not Canada. 88 countries by September. Fastest roll-out ever, according to Jobs.

11:45 – Looking at new accessories: a new dock, bumper case, etc.

11:46 – Upgrades to iOS 4 free on June 21st for iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch (although not all features supported)

11:48 – Showing videos now of all the features. We’ll try to grab these later off of YouTube and feature them here on Digigasms.

11:53 – Steve says, “It’s not just a technology company, even though we have and invent some of the highest tech in this industry. It’s more than that. It’s the marriage of that and humanity.”

11:54 – Jobs is thanking everyone now who’s been involved in the project and is wrapping up the show.

This will conclude our liveblogging of the WWDC 2010 keynote from Steve Jobs. Stay tuned for upcoming individual posts taking a closer look at key features and announcements from this event.