Do you need to put your iPod songs on another computer? You can transfer your music with out losing a single song. iTunes is especially designed to transfer songs to an iPod, however the transfer back can be tricky.

1. Create a new folder on your desktop. To do this, right click on the desk top and select “New” and “Folder”. You can name the folder whatever you like.

2. Use the USB cable to connect the iPod to the computer with iTunes already downloaded.  If iTunes opens and asks if you want to sync up, click “No”.  Never sync your iPod to an new computer without following these steps.

3. Open My Computer or Computer to view the available drives. Locate the iPod in the drive list. The letter of the drive will vary from computer to computer. The iPod logo will appear beside the drive that it is plugged into.

4. Right click on the drive to open or explore the files on the iPod.  For Windows Vista or  7 click on “Organize” and find the “Folder and Search” options tab.  Select “View” and “ Show hidden files and folders”. For XP, Click on “Tools”, once the drive is open, select “Folder Options” and click on “Show Hidden Files and Folders”. Click on “Apply’ to complete the process.

5. Locate the iPod control folder.  The folder should contain folders named: Calendar, Notes, iPod Control and etc.

6. Open the “iPod control” folder and copy all the folders. You can highlight all the folders by clicking in the window and hitting “CTRL” + “A”. Then press “CTRL”+ “C”, to copy the files.

7. Open the new folder you created earlier and click inside the folder. Then press “CTRL” + “V” to paste the files in the new folder. This copy and paste process may take a minute to two depending on the amount of files on the iPod.

8. Open iTunes. Insert the folder you created into the library under “Music”. You can now sync the iPod and not lose anything.

Sit back and enjoy your music. Now every time you sync with this computer your songs will be safe.