Ubisoft’s Pure Futbol Kicks Off

Gaming company Ubisoft has officially launched their latest game Pure Futbol in North America. As the 2010 World Cup nears, football (or soccer) fans everywhere should be gearing up for true hooliganism, world class game play and epic battles on the field. I’m not specifically talking about the live event in South Africa, I’m speaking of course of Pure Futbol. Ubisoft has been promoting the game for a while now promising players a different kind of game playing experience when it comes to video game soccer. Taking a more “arcade” approach and pitting teams of five against each other, Pure Futbol looks as though it is trying just as hard to embody the football attitude as much as the controls.

Focusing on an over-the-shoulder camera view, gamers are able to control football players as they check, tackle and shoot their way to winning goals. Ubisoft made a point to make sure that people playing the game not only see the physical reality within the game, but also feel it as controller rumble effects are put to use. The game looks as though it will be best experienced offline, but online multi-player modes are available that will pit player versus player in one-on-one street games. Pure Futbol isn’t just for the casual arcade-style gamer as the true football fan will be able to appreciate the roster of players and teams that are available to play with.

Pure Futbol is a five-on-five, fast-paced adrenaline ride through the rougher side of one of the world’s most graceful games. If you’re looking for pretty athletes with flowing locks as they gently pass a checkered ball around, you should probably keep looking. But if you’re looking for an attitude enhanced, aggressive sports game that aims to tackle the best of your competitive juices, then Pure Futbol might be a good game to pick up before the real tournament begins.

As of today, Pure Futbol can be purchased and played on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but before a lot of the official reviews come through, here’s a short promotional clip and a few screen shots of the actual game play.