Google To Phase Out Windows

In a move sure to turn the heat up on the already simmering tensions between itself and Microsoft, Google has announced an official change to internal policy: it will no longer allow employees to use the Windows operating system.

Citing concerns over security, especially in the wake of the Chinese hacking event, Google has begun the process of moving all computers from Windows to either Apple’s OS X or Linux. New hires will be given a choice between the two, while employees wishing to remain with the popular PC platform will have to make their case with Google’s Chief Information Officer.

Another potentially disruptive move will be to switch users over to Google’s Chrome OS, currently under development. While there has been no official response yet, this move on Google’s part will undoubtedly provoke a response from Microsoft. But even more important, will this radical internal shift in policy set off a similar migration in other companies? The PC has been the de facto business standard for many years, which has proven a boon to Microsoft and its Windows unit. People have grown accustomed to simply putting up with the countless viruses and other security threats, and many companies have thrived by capitalizing on this and providing software designed to combat such issues.

Could it be that we have all just been waiting for someone to make the first move and stop making do with all of Windows’s many problems? We can’t wait to hear what Microsoft has to say about this.