Starcraft 2 Beta Opt-In

Earlier this year one of the hottest items being sold online were Starcraft II Beta codes. If you’re a fan of the first game then you have probably been all over this in anticipation for actual game release on July 27th, 2010. If you have no idea what Starcraft is and why the sequel is so important, get ready to experience computer game over load.

The original Starcraft was released by Blizzard Entertainment over a decade ago and along with it’s groundbreaking animation and RTS (Real Time Strategy) style, it has become one of the most played and popular computer games of all time. Although the storyline was engaging, it was a little mode called that changed everything. Players would log on, find a foe, build and go to war. This concept was so popular that it spawned official leagues and television channels in Asia.

Fast forward a little over a decade and every Starcraft enthusiast has been waiting patiently for the sequel to finally hit stores. The official announcement of the release date came a few months ago and with pre-orders flooding the cashiers of electronic stores everywhere, it looks as though Starcraft II is already a hit.

But Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t like to simply build a video game and start selling it. They understand that the players mean everything to the game and if they are not happy with it, then there is no point in releasing it. Thankfully Blizzard created what they have deemed a “Beta Opt-In.”

The Beta Opt-In is a way for Blizzard to test the new Starcraft (along with other titles they plan to release) with real users before the game is actually released. Players have to create a Beta Profile where they are asked specific questions about the performance of their computer. This has helped Blizzard get a better idea on how to make the game perform at an optimal level. Once a Beta Profile has been created, players are then put in a pool where they will be randomly selected. If selected, they will be able to log in to Starcraft II and start playing via

These random Beta Keys are now being sold on Ebay for hundreds of dollars because everyone seems to want to try Starcraft II before it actually releases. If you managed to get your hands on a key and tried the game, then you’ll agree that twelve years makes for great improvements. The animation is spectacular, the gameplay is actually smoother than the original and the new features are going to make for another global hit. I won’t go into a full of review of the game because it is constantly improving thanks to the Beta Opt-In, but I can say that twelve years has been worth the wait.

Starcraft 2 hits store July 27th, 2010 for both Mac and PC.