Facebook is a great place to promote a product you’re trying to sell or even promote yourself.  If you want some free advertising, the first step is to create a fan page.  You can begin to promote your products, give out sale codes, whatever you would like.  If your curious on how to create a fan page, follow these simple steps:

1. You must go to Facebook Pages and click on “Create a Page”.

2. You then choose if the page you are creating is for a Local Business, Brand, Product or Organization or an Artist, Band or Local Celebrity.  You could also choose to create a Community Page.

3. After making the correct selection and choosing your page name, your fan page is created.  From there you can update the page as you would any normal Facebook page by adding pictures, creating wall posts, etc.

After your page is created, you can always have access to it through your normal Facebook page by clicking on “Account” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  From there, choose Manage Pages.

Facebook has millions of users, a free way to access to all of them is by creating this simple page.  Begin asking your friends to “Like” your page and it will begin to show up to their friends as suggestions.  You can get 100’s of fans in just a day or two if you really work it correctly.