5 Gadgets That Changed The World

There are some who argue that technology is the vice that will destroy us all, and while that may be true to a certain extent, you got to love gadgets. Who cares if they could one day rise up and revolt against us, transforming into robotic monsters that could crush us like bugs? I don’t. I like my phones, computers, and anything else that makes my life a whole lot easier. Gadgets have done wonders for us all, and here’s five of them that pretty much changed the world we live in.


A long way from the clunky Motorola cell phone, smartphones have changed the way we interact with one another. From the iPhone to the Droid, they make life so much easier. You can text, take pictures, find your way if you’re lost, surf the Internet; heck, there’s not a whole lot you can’t do with a smartphone. They’ve changed the game of communication, and as the technology continues to develop, smartphones are only going to get a whole lot smarter.

The Laptop

Up until this little baby came along, we were all chained to our desks if we wanted to work. With the advent of the laptop though, all that changed as portability became the new black. They may have been limited at first, but now with them being just as powerful as PC’s, laptops can be seen in every coffee shop, on every park bench, and in every book store. Games, documents, webcams, storage; the laptop can do it all, and it changed the way we think about computers forever.

The MP3 Player

Up until this gadget came along, we were stuck listening to a limited amount of music on a CD. In order to get variety, we had to carry around not only a big player, but a good supply of tunes on discs that took up a lot of room. Today we can have thousands of songs at the touch of a button though, and that definitely changed the way we listen to music. Small, compact, and fashionable, MP3 players like the iPod, Zune, and more, have made the ability to dance in public a whole lot easier.

The E-Reader

Okay, maybe not everyone has one of these, but they will. The e-reader takes the way we read books and flips it on its head. Converting everything to a digital file, the e-reader lets you take hundreds of books and store them on a single device. Cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and easy on the eyes, the e-reader is one gadget that is changing the game as we speak.

Portable Gaming Units

Game Boy, PSP, NDS, do these things sound familiar? Almost every teenage boy has one, and they certainly changed the way kids experience video gaming. No longer are we forced to look at 8-bit graphics and shades of gray, oh no, the portable game units we see today are high-tech, Internet ready, can take pictures, can connect remotely, and even play music. They have changed the video gaming industry, and for the better. Take that, Atari!