Walmart Sells The iPhone for $97

Walmart Sells iPhones?

If you’re absolutely dying to have a new iPhone but find yourself making a choking sound at the general price, Walmart has decided to take pity on you and sell the iPhone 3GS for only $97.  With the promise of a new upgraded model around the corner, is the Walmart iPhone worth it?

The $97 price tag is only available with a new two year contract.  Since the new iPhone 4G is most likely going to launch this summer, having a 3Gs (while nice) will be old programming and having a two year contract attached (with a $325 early disconnection fee) might make the product look less appealing. Wallet Pop argues that the better long run deal is to wait for the $199 iPhone 4G upgrade and I tend to agree.

Yes, having an iPhone (any iPhone) would be absolutely awesome.  You get to check out the apps, play games, and basically have a hand held computer at your fingertips.  But remember, the iPhone 3GS is already old technology in the world of computers.  Upgrades are necessary for machines.

The new iPhone will be faster, better, and smarter (much the Six Million Dollar Man).  It has to be.  There’s so much controversy surrounding the smart phone  after the Gizmodo incident that if Steve Jobs doesn’t deliver something mind blowing there will be a mob on his front lawn with baseball bats.

Best bet is to sit back, wait a few months, and get the upgraded iPhone 4G.  It will give you a few more months to save up the extra $100 attached to the price tag.