HP Slate Will Happen, Ditches Windows 7

The HP Slate was supposed to be the tablet computer to end all tablet computers.  It was supposed to make the iPad run back behind the legs of Steve Jobs, crying and begging for its Mommy.  This new information changes all of that.

The Slate was first unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer and was supposed to be outfit with Windows 7.  After the popularity of the iPad, the Slate was reconfigured and Windows 7 was dropped in favor for recently acquired Palm’s WebOS.  Fast Company calls the WebOS “a great, underrated OS, more polished than Android and more flexible than iPhone, and it’s particularly suited for tablets. For example, its “card” multitasking system relies on thumbnails of apps, which would be extremely effective on a larger screen.”

If done correctly, this could be a decent rival to the iPad, but I still have reservations about the project.  The Slate was supposed to have USB ports, Flash level power, and expandable memory.  Will it continue to have these available or will that make it too similar to a laptop?  How do you designate the difference?

The iPad has set the bar for all tablets that come after.  The Slate (and recently announced Dell Streak) will have to do some serious upgrades to even be considered competition in the field.