Projection TVs Offer Good Value For The Money

There is one way to get an HDTV without having to spend a lot of money and that is by purchasing projection TVs. This type of TV has one major plus going for it if you are interested in purchasing a large size television. If you are interested in buying a television and you want to get a large size, meaning at least 50 inches, and you want to save some money then this type of TV would be the way to go. We’ll take a look at exactly what the rear projection TV is, some of its features, and some things you need to consider before buying.

The Rear Projection TV

This type of TV has another name for it, which is not commonly used, but is called a micro display, in reference to the technology that the TV uses. You’ll find a microchip inside of the television and some models have more than one. The way it works is by bouncing a light off of the chip through a set up that projects the color and picture onto the actual display that people see. These can produce right around 1 million pixels from the light engine, which produces a high-quality picture on the screen.

The important thing to note here is that in order for these TVs to work they need to have a lamp inside of them that is in functioning condition. These lamps have a useful life to them which means that they will need to be replaced once they start to go out. This is important in order to maintain the picture quality of the television. When the lamp starts to go out the pictures will start to get dim and it will be hard to see what is on the display. Most of the lamps have a rating between 3000 and 6000 hours of use before they need to be replaced. It is fairly common for many of these TVs to last much longer than the expected useful life as far as the lamps are concerned.

Some Features Of Rear Projection TVs

When deciding on what type of TV to buy it can be difficult to figure out what features are most important. One of the biggest benefits to this type of TV is the cost of them in comparison to the quality that you get. You can get a very large size screen for a very reasonable price. They tend to be much cheaper than there competitors, the plasma and the LCD. This is one of the biggest benefits of buying this particular type of television.

You also will find that the rear projection TV tends to have very good black color levels and does well to offer a good wide viewing angle. One of the downsides to these particular products is that they tend to be a little bit bigger than the other two types of flat screen TVs. Even though these products tend to be very light in weight they do have around 12 inches to 18 inches of depth to them which means that it’s not possible to mount them on a wall. They do offer excellent image quality for the money and the majority of people that buy them think they look just as good as both the LCD and plasma televisions do.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

With these rear projection micro displays requiring the use of a lamp in order to produce the light for the picture, this is one of the biggest concerns for most consumers. Having to replace the lamp could prove to be costly if your particular model does not last very long. They usually cost somewhere between $200 and $300 to replace the lamp and having to do this once a year or so can make the TV not as good of price when this if factored into the overall cost. Some people have gone three and four years without having to replace their lamp, so it is possible to get a good value out of these products.

It now should be clear exactly what these types of products are and how they function. It’s also good to be aware of some of the bad things about this type of TV so there are no surprises after a purchase is made. Rear projection TVs can be a great value for the money and in most cases consumers that buy one will be extremely happy with their display.