Monday Madness: Farmville is taking over 7-Eleven

Lots was going on in the tech world over the weekend, including Windows 3.0 turning 20 years old on Saturday!  Here are some other bits of information you may have missed.

Hewlett-Packard expanded it’s recall of lithium-ion batteries over the weekend.  An additional 54,000 units were added to list due to issues with the battery over-heating.  Several cases of minor personal and property damage were reported due to the faulty batteries.  If you want to see if your beloved laptop is on the list, click here.

If you didn’t hate AT&T enough, they are giving you one more reason.  They are revamping their early termination fees (ETF), cutting them in half, then taking an additional $4 per month off for each month you are under contract.  This sounds great, right?  Wrong.  This does not apply to anyone using a smart phone (read as iPhone).  Yep, if you have an iPhone, which is probably why 99% of people are even with AT&T, your ETF will nearly double to $325.  Okay, so they are giving smart phone users $10 per month off the ETF, but do they think that will make people happy?  I mean really, is there anyone in the world that doesn’t have a smart phone?

Just when you thought there was an app for everything, something new was created.  An MIT graduate bought a soda machine off Craigslist and dissected it. It was rewired, connected to the Internet and an app was created.  Whenever you accessed the app on his iPhone, a cold beer would be dispensed.  His roommates didn’t want it after he moved out and sold it on eBay for an amazing $76.  Maybe this is something we’ll see in the future?  Who knows, but it was a good idea in my book.

Okay, now for the biggest news of all.  Don’t all rush out at the same time, but 7-Eleven and Zynga have partnered.  What does this mean?  You can now buy your Slurpee in a Farmville cup.  If Farmville hadn’t taken over your personal life, with all of the planting, plowing, milking and everything else that comes with it, you can now plan out your new farm layout while sipping on your Big Gulp.  The items, which include cups, bottles of water, ice cream and more will be available June 1st and last for six weeks.

In the coming week you can look forward to Google launching it’s new encrypted search option.  Users will be able to search without their information being given to unauthorized parties.  Simply type https:// instead of the normal http:// and you will be searching in a secured session.