Mobile Phone Accessories

Cell phones, with all their various complicated electronic applications and internal accessories, need only a few important mobile accessories to make traveling with them easier and safer and help to keep them in new condition longer. Essentially, the basic needs for a cell phone are a case with a clip attachment, a hands free device for taking calls without holding the phone, and a car adapted phone charger.

Protective Cell Phone Case
A cell phone case is essential to prolonging the life of a mobile phone. The purpose of the cell phone case is to protect the phone from moisture and minor drops, keep the cell phone readily available and easy to find, and add a fashionable touch to the mobile device. While many cases are simple sheathes to protect the cell phone, a case with a clip that attaches to a belt, or side of a bag is ideal for traveling as they create an easy way to find the phone while moving around without having to dig in a bag or a pocket.

Cell phone cases come in all kinds of sizes and forms. Some are meant to be used while still on the cell phone, acting as a sheath, while others are made to house the cell phone when not in use, like a pocket or holster. Some cases are custom made for a specific brand and model of phone while others are one size fits most. While custom hard or soft silicone cases protect the cell phone, keeping it looking new longer, they normally don’t protect the keys and screen while custom soft cases made of fabric or leather have a plastic film attached to protect the keys and screen. While both cases protect the mobile phone from chips, scratches and other minor damage during falls, hard cases are more efficient in such protection.

Hands Free Devices
Hands-free devices are an essential mobile accessory for car traveling. They offer the driver the ability to talk on the phone while driving without the dangerous distraction of holding the cell phone. Some hands-free devices act as connecting device between the phone and the vehicle’s sound system. The sound comes through the car speakers and the driver may hold a normal conversation.

For more privacy a driver may opt for a small head-set that fits discreetly into the ear. One of the top brands for the ear set is the Bluetooth which comes with other convenient features. The head set is also ideal for traveling on foot. The hands are freed from holding the cell phone and thus able to carry bags, shop, or simple remain comfortably unoccupied while the owner carries on a full conversation. After finishing a conversation the ear piece may be taken out and put away or left in the ear for convenience if another call is received. Hands free devices add simplicity and safety to travel.

Car Charger
Another key mobile accessory to have that is especially important for car traveling whether it is a short commute or cross country driving is the car adaptor charger. The adaptor plugs into the car cigarette lighter port and charges the cell phone using the cars battery power. A car cell phone charger is vital to ensure a fully charged phone in case of emergencies and takes out the inconvenience of waiting for the opportunity to charge the phone with a traditional phone charger when in an office, hotel or house.

Other Accessories
Other mobile accessories that are not vital but good to have are cell phone straps, car holsters, and memory cards. A cell phone strap inserts into the side a specially made hole normally on the corner of the cell phone where it will be most comfortably suspended. With the strap, the cell phone can be kept close, like a camera, by being worn on the wrist or if long enough worn around the next like a lanyard. Car holsters are ideal for phones with hands-free devices that connect to the vehicle’s sound system. The holster mounts either to the dashboard or the windshield and holds the mobile phone within easy reach for answering calls.

With modern cell phones having the ability to download songs, take pictures, record sound, and several other media related features, a memory card is an important mobile accessory. The memory card allows for the information on the phone to be saved to the small storage device and transferred to a computer where more may be done with it, such as printing off a cell phone captured picture.