Laptop Bags

Taking your laptop along on a trip has become as much of a necessity nowadays as socks and underwear. Recent changes in airline rules and regulations are making it much more difficult to get everything you need on the plane with you, especially in terms of carry on luggage. Many airlines will now only allow one carry on bag per person. This puts the traveler in a predicament: take the laptop or take your purse or other bag in which you can carry all of the things that you do not want to check in. Many men and women have therefore demanded that bags be designed specifically for laptops to try and curtail the issues that come up when traveling with loads of luggage.

Laptop bags have traditionally been in the shape of a briefcase with a slot for the computer and a small area for papers, a battery, and small computer peripherals. If you are taking a short flight or do not need to carry many other personal items, these bags work just fine. But these do not suit the needs for long flights or say a mom with a young child. Can you imagine trying to fit a sippy cup and stuffed animals in a briefcase?

With so many students needing to carry their laptops to class and travelers demanding more space in carry on luggage due to the new rules, laptop bags have become roomier and very versatile. Though you still will want to purchase a traditional case for everyday use, one of the newer styles of bag will solve your carry on problem. Let’s take a look at the types of bags that are available now.

Wheeled Business Cases– These bags are the shape of a briefcase but are much larger both in length and width. Some have three almost equal size compartments, which may be better for a business traveler. Others have one large wide compartment for bulky items, a separate pocket for the laptop, and small pockets for items like passports, headphones, and the link. These look very nice and due to the shape, you will be able to find things easily within the confined space in your airplane seat.

Tote and Messenger Bags– These bags look just like a normal tote or messenger bag that you would use every day with one important difference: they have a separate padded pouch for your laptop. These ultra-roomy bags can be used every day, even when you don’t need to bring your laptop along because the laptop sleeves are usually removable. They are very versatile and can easily fit everything you need for your flight inside. They are easy to carry and can easily fit between your feet, eliminating the need to fight for overhead storage space.

Backpacks– These bags were originally designed for students who need to carry their laptop around campus. These specially designed bags have a pouch on the backside of the bag with special padding to prevent impact to your computer. They tend to be larger than average backpacks, providing you with much needed extra storage space for your flight essentials.

Fashionable Bags – Women business owners have made the fashion styled laptop bag a must have. These are bags that you would never know held a lap top. Busy Moms have to carry everything from diapers to important files and never the two shall meet in one purse. Therefore the demand was a catalyst for a line of very fashion forward lap top bags. These bags follow the current purse designs that you’ll find on the run way in any given season. For instance, ruffled purses have been all the rage and the Fashionable Laptop bags have followed suites. These purses are usually the very large bags you’ll see donned by celebrities. Since they change with the seasons, many women opt for these bags to throw potential thieves off guard. They are so trendy that you’d never know there was a hard drive inside.

When buying laptop bags, there are a few things you need to consider. Protection should be your number one concern. How thick is the padding? Will the laptop be secured in its pouch easily? Second is convenience. You will need to quickly and easily remove and return the computer to its bag. Third is portability. How easy is it to not only carry, but maneuver onto the plane? Will it fit easily on the floor or in overhead storage? Whichever style of bag you choose, these features will need to be examined carefully to make sure the bag is the right fit for your needs.