Free App Friday: IMDB

IMDB has got to be one of the best online entertainment resources out there right now. Covering everything from movies and TV to video games, the Internet Movie Data Base is a great way to find out who is starring in what, some interesting trivial knowledge, a few images of the show and even memorable lines. Until the iPhone was released, IMDB resided only online. You could always reach it through a browser, but it was never created for a mobile device.

Until now.

The IMDB App is fast, easy to use and free; those are the basic pillars of any great app in my mind. Functioning in almost identical fashion to the site, the IMDB app puts a lot of effort in making it easy to find what you are looking for. The main focus is the Search function, but they also do a great job in filtering and re-categorizing your query.

The IMDB app comes in handy in more ways than you might think – especially in settling ridiculous bets made in the pub, or in the off chance you meet someone in the entertainment industry that you just can’t put a name to. Open up the IMDB app and you’ll be able to spout off their work history, a short bio and even some images.

Download for free here.