Thursday Throwback: Nintendo Game Boy

Two weeks ago on Thursday Throwback I recalled the joy that was my first NES. This week it’s another Nintendo product that warms the cockles of my heart just to think about. The Game Boy.

Perhaps the father of all modern portable gaming units, the Game Boy changed the way we play video games forever. No longer were we stuck in front of the television for hours, now we could take the joy of Super Mario and Tetris with us on the road. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about that little 2.6 inch screen, and 8-bit graphics. Oh man, and don’t forget about the four shades of gray color palette.

I remember playing Tetris on that thing for hours, until I got more games for it which included Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Land, and the ultimate, WWF Superstars. Oh yeah, baby! You can have your Sega Game Gear, I’ll take the Game Boy any day. Most of these games can actually be found online now, free online mario games seem to be everywhere.

While I don’t remember how long I had my Game Boy for, I do remember that it kept me up till all hours of the night under my covers, long after I was supposed to be in bed. Similar to those online fighting games that you can never seem to beat. As a kid who grew up in the nineties, it’s been amazing to watch how technology has advanced over the years, but for anyone of my generation, just say the words Game Boy to them, and watch as their eyes glaze over and a smile crosses their lips in memoriam.