Google I/O: Google Wave Open To The Public

Google I/O: Google Wave

As reported earlier, Google I/O kicked off this morning with a world of self-proclaimed nerds and geeks waiting with baited breath.

Were there any massive revelations? Not as of yet. There’s going to be increased support for HTML5 and a new web-video project is being launched called WebM. WebM will bring together the VP8 codec and the royalty-free Ogg Vorbis audio codec in hopes that VP8 codec will become standard.

It seems like the biggest “Huh?” moment was the announcement that Google Wave will now be open to the public as opposed to being invitation only like the beta. Google Wave was announced last year and the real-time collaboration tool fell flat quicker than expected. I tried playing around in it for a bit but found just using Twitter or email to be a quicker means of communication. Google Wave will be available for free though on the new Google Web store (modeled after the Android marketplace).

The unfortunate part of Wave is that no one really knows how to fully utilize the application. says co-creator of Wave, Lars Rasmussen, is asking those who saw Wave’s beta to give the app a second try and more work will be put forth to educate users on how to make the most of it.

Well at least we look forward to seeing some amusing tutorials.