Google I/O: A Nerd’s Paradise

Google I/O: What’s New?

The Google I/O conference kicks off today and the world is buzzing with what announcements will take place.

Last year’s conference brought us Google Wave which ultimately, well, never took off. The product did generate a ton of interest when it was announced and so people may be a bit more cautious to jump on the bandwagon this year. So what will Google I/O bring us?

The folks over at PC World think that, with the continuing epic battle between Apple and Adobe, one of the big reveals will be demonstrating Flash Player 10.1 on Android devices. Flash Player 10.1 is supposed to be released in June for all Flash enabled devices, but Google I/O is a perfect forum for showing off the polished product.

Of course, it’s expected that Google will announce Android 2.2, currently codenamed as Froyo (like “frozen yogurt”). Previous Android codenames have been more calorie-tastic desserts (donut, cupcake, and éclair) so Froyo promises to be different (if not lighter and healthier). The rumor is that the new system will feature USB tethering, turning your Android device into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, along with the system getting a huge performance boost over previous systems.

Yesterday (May 18), Google announced the opening of its doors for third-party Gmail apps. Third-party developers will be allowed to distribute their applications in the Google Apps Marketplace and users will be able to interact with the applications right in their mailbox. I’d imagine Google I/O would delve further into this new information, giving the general populace more of what to look for.

If you’d like to follow Google I/O as it goes, check back with us for breaking news. If you can’t wait that long, CNET will be blogging live from the event.