Thursday Throwback: The Calculator Watch

Come on, admit it. You thought you were pretty cool walking around in 1985 with your big ass Casio calculator watch, didn’t you? Yeah, you did. Never mind the fact that it took up half your arm, or most times you pressed the wrong button because the digits were too small, so that when you added 32 + 17 you got .00436. You were hot stuff. Everyone and their grandmother had one of those things, including me, and I know I was hot stuff, so beat it.

Calculator watches were all the rage in the mid-eighties, and did everything from add and subtract, to store appointments and addresses. They were to 80s iPhone or PDA, and everyone from the businessman on Wall Street, to the B-Boy on the court with his headband and wristbands had one going on. They were smart, useful, and even a bit of a fashion statement. If you didn’t have one, you weren’t cool. Seriously, these things made it hip to look like a geek.

Then sometime before the 90s those things died faster than a honeybee that just lost its stinger, and suddenly you weren’t pretty fly for a white guy anymore. So sad. Regardless, the calculator watch will always be a staple when it comes to talking about the 80s and my childhood, and I’ll always have fond memories of the smell of wrist sweat after taking it off before bedtime. What? Are you telling me that you showered everyday as a kid? Yeah, right.