Tuesday Tips: Using Google As Spell Check

This Tuesday Tip might only be for a small group out there, but if you’re like me, then there comes a time when you just can’t be bothered to look up the spelling of something. Instead of opening up a notepad document or Word doc, we really just can’t be bothered. This is where Google comes in handy. Using Google as a spell-checker might not seem like the most logical thing to do, but dang-it it works – and it works well.

Take for instance last month, when we all heard that there was a volcano in Iceland that erupted and grounded people trying to fly around the area. If you’re like me, then when you heard the name of the volcano, the spelling was like playing the lottery. The chances of you getting it correct the first time are minimal at best. But instead of going to an offline source like an atlas or map, I entered in the name as it sounded in my head straight into Google’s search bar.

To my surprise, Google actually knew what I was trying to spell and suggested the correct spelling:


Using Google as a spell-checker might seem like the laziest thing you’ve heard today, but you’d be surprised at how many people rely on it.