Android based cell phones have beaten iPhone in sales for the first quarter of 2010. This puts Android, with 28 percent of sales, right behind Blackberry, who has 35 percent of the market.

According to Mobile Beat, “NPD points to a Verizon buy-one-get-one-free promotion for all of its smart phones as a major factor in the first quarter numbers. Verizon saw strong sales for the Motorola Droid and Droid Eris Android phones, as well as the Blackberry Curve, thanks to its promotional offer. Verizon launched a $100 million marketing campaign for the Droid when it hit the market in November 2009, which likely attributed to strong sales in the first quarter as well.”

Although NPD gets its numbers from self-reported consumer surveys, the firm has proven itself to be trustworthy with its reporting.

Android has been steadily gaining ground in the world of smart phones.  This may all change when Apple reveals the newest iPhone (hopefully) later this year, but the way Apple’s been handling the early reveal of the 4G by Gizmodo may be turning away potential customers.  Also, Apple’s refusal to cover Flash in their line can make them less popular.

As a fan girl of the Android systems (and Verizon) I’m not surprised that Android has risen to the number two spot in phones.  I can only hope it continues to gain numbers!