Spotty AT&T Service? Fixed, But For a Price

You had to go with AT&T to get your iPhone, but now you have crappy service.  What is AT&T doing to fix the problem?  Making you buy an expensive fix.  Yep, that’s right, if you want better service, you need to fork out another $150.  What do you get for that $150, you ask.  Let’s take a look!

The 3G MicroCell is supposed to boost your signal up to a full five bars.  It doesn’t make sense? Ubergizmo has a great breakdown to explain it: voice and 3G data go from your phone to AT&T via this 2-way path: Phone <-> Microcell <-> Router <-> Internet <-> AT&T Network.  So, basically, you buy the MicroCell for $150 and tada!  You have full signal in your house.  The unit is a little bigger than a normal cable modem, but is a mini-tower right in your house.  It basically puts a 40 to 50 foot bubble of signal around your house to allow you to make and receive calls with your own personal tower.

So what’s the catch?  I knew you’d know there was a catch!  All of the minutes used are charged against your plan minutes.  So what if you want to make unlimited calls with your MicroCell?  They thought about that.  For an additional $20 a month you can have unlimited MicroCell calls.  Not that bad of a deal, right?  They make it even better.  If you sign up for the monthly plan, they will knock $50 off the initial $150 cost.