How To Block People On Facebook

It happens to the best of us. Something strange has happened between two people where even being friends on Facebook is simply too much. But in order to avoid the awkward question of, “Hey dude, why aren’t we FB friends anymore?” why not simply Block them? Blocking someone on Facebook is far less awkward because the person you are blocking will not be notified. This works wonders for those Facebook friends who just won’t stop bombarding you with Farmville updates or requests for you to join their MOB (or my personal pet peeve, inviting you to events they know you won’t attend).

Facebook allows the Blocking of another user through three different methods.

1 – Your Own Privacy Settings

Click on the Account drop down menu and select Privacy Settings. From there, click the Block List and you can enter the email address of the person you would like to block. You can also find the person from a list if you don’t know the email address.

2 – Their Page

Navigate to the person’s page either through the Search Bar, Friend List, or by simply clicking on their name off of your Home Page. From here, scroll all of the way to the bottom of the page and find the button that says Report/Block this person. Click on this and check the Block this person box, then Submit.

3 – Your Inbox

Navigate to your Facebook Inbox. You can do this by clicking on the Messages tab on the top left of your own page. While in your Inbox, highlight a message from the person you would like to block, then select the Report option at the top.

If none of these methods work, Facebook also suggests emailing them, but I’ve used all three and all of them work.

Happy Blocking!