Gamer Wins $1 Million Pitching Perfect Game

Never underestimate the working class. 2K Sports did, and now they have to shell out $1 million bucks from their own pocket in order to pay a gamer who won their “first to pitch a perfect game” promotion.

The hype came with the release of Major League Baseball 2K10. 2K Sports said that if anyone could pitch a perfect game, they’d pay them $1 million dollars. Thinking that no one would be able to do it, they kept the contest open for two months. Within 24 hours, someone had done it though, and won the prize money.

Wade McGilberry of Mobile, Alabama, a 24-year old gamer and a 401K record keeper, sat down after work the day of the games release, logged on to X-Box Live, and turned his webcam on to record. An hour and a half later, McGilberry had pitched the perfect game. A million smackers for an hour and a half worth of work? That’s not a bad deal.

Because there was no way for an insurance company to come up with the odds on pitching a perfect virtual game, 2K Sports never bothered to get the contest insured, so now they’re paying out of pocket.

While the promotion did help sell a few more games, 2K Sports isn’t saying just how many, only that they are, “happy to give the money away.”

Yeah, and I’m happy to get that root canal I’m scheduled for next week.