Free App Fridays: Flixster

Before the iPhone and all of the app goodness, I had no idea that Flixster was an actual site; but when the movie theater site developed a mobile app for the iPhone, iPod and now iPad, it became one of the best movie resources on the market. Flixster combines information sites like Rotten Tomatoes and theater sites like AMC and puts them together in the palm of your hand. Not only can you read about a movie while your on the bus, but you can watch the trailer, see how well it is doing in the box office, read reviews, see press photos and even buy a ticket for your local theater.

Flixster’s best attribute is a one-stop shop for checking movie times while you’re on the go. If you live in an area with multiple theaters, it’s extremely handy to have all of the times for all of the locations right at your fingertips. Another great part about Flixster is that it has combined with Rotten Tomatoes to help paint a picture of the movies you might be deciding to watch. Included are a rating system and comments from people who have seen the movie. Finally, and this is a great feature especially if you’re not in your home town, is there is a one-touch map option for finding a theater.

The price is right (it’s free of course), it’s not buggy at all and the convenience factor puts it ahead of most other movie-based applications.

Download from iTunes here.