Skype Offers Free 5-Way Video Calls

Way to go Skype! Beginning next week, Skype will offer free five-way video calls for its PC users. Mac users, sorry you’ll have to wait until later in the year. The Group Video Calling feature is in Beta, but will be available around May 10. Take advantage of the feature while you can because later in the year, Skype wants to begin charging for the feature.

This could be a huge money saver for larger corporations that use video conferencing for their meetings! Why pay for a big video conference set up when you can use a web cam and connect with everyone — for free. I think Skype is making a good move with this feature. A lot of people that wouldn’t have looked at the service in the past may become intrigued and try it out.

Skype is also offering some calling plans next week. Instead of having to pay $0.25 a minute to call a mobile phone and $0.03 to call a landline, users will have the ability to pay a flat fee for unlimited calls. This service is going to be made available to 40 countries. Although exact prices have not been released yet, sources say “Skype is offering 60-, 120-, and 400-minute-per-month packages for 1-, 3-, and 12-month durations. Prices start at $1.09 per month for some countries.”

Rolling it out for free is a great. Are people going to get hooked on it and pay later on, we’ll have to wait and see. I think an unlimited plan is a great idea, just as the mobile phone companies have done. As technology evolves, prices come down and become affordable for a larger portion of the population. Now let’s just all cross our fingers for some HD calling.