Last week I shared with you all of the things that the iPad is missing or that Apple got wrong in part one of my iPad review. At least we identified the issues in some people’s eyes, with the first iteration of the tablet device.

One of the biggest issues we identified was the lack of flash support. However, what should be a surprise and grab some media attention is the fact that quite a few websites are already HTML5 ready, using <video> tags instead of Flash to stream videos online. These aren’t just any run-of-the-mill sites either, as can be seen from the list of iPad ready websites over at the iPad website. Add to that the fact that two major streaming industry players, ABC and Netflix, both had free iPad apps ready on the day of its debut and you have a video revolution in the making. Sorry to say it, or maybe not (it depends on how you look at it), I think that HTML5 is the next evolution of the Internet and Adobe Flash is going to be on the way out. But that’s just my opinion, so we’ll see how it plays out.

So what about support for MS Office formats and access to a filing system? Are these valid issues? Well, I say yes and no. There are several programs that can allow you to utilize the new app file-sharing feature in the iPhone 3.2 software that runs on the iPad, giving you the possibility of opening a file from one app to another and thereby printing to a networked printer over WiFi. At least it worked for me. I’m not even all that upset about the lack of Excel support in Numbers, although it is kind of surprising, given that Pages supports exporting into MS Word .doc format. But it’s not a deal killer, since the Office2 HD app appears to be filling in the gap nicely, supporting editing, importing and exporting of Excel files as well as Word docs, both to and from other apps as well as online storage such as Google Docs. This truly allows the iPad user to use cloud computing to their advantage to share documents not only with other collaborators, but between their own devices as well.

So after everything is said and done, what do I like about the iPad? What are its positive points? Well, I will tell you that it is an incredible portable media device. The 720p high definition available on the iPad is a thing of beauty to behold and hold in your hands, as you stream trailers from IMDb or videos from Netflix (although not all of their content is available in HD). ABC has the best video app by far at this point, streaming shows in excellent quality, at least over my home WiFi setup. I’m sure that the 3G experience will be less than optimal for video, as is the case with the iPhone, and other 3G devices.

Another aspect of the iPad that blows away any other portable device, that I’m aware of, is the fact that it is a gaming system with hundreds of HD-optimized games currently available. These range from iPhone imports to totally new offerings. Without a doubt, this is a major feature attraction of the device. Add to these two factors the fact that the real life tested battery life on this device is a solid 10 hours or more and this makes for one hell of a portable device for media and games. I would buy it for that reason alone, even if the virtual worker uses weren’t there at all. But the total package deal, while having much room for improvement, has to be described as a truly incredible device that almost has to be experienced to be completely appreciated.

If you haven’t had the chance to check one out, go down to your local Apple Store and hold one in your hands. Play with it for a bit and see what you think. It’s not for the die-hard remote office worker or hardcore student, but for the general everyday user who wants to experience something new and incredible. And I’m no Apple fanboy.