How To Make Custom Ringtones For iPhone

One of the great things about iPhones these days is the ability to customize, create and personalize. The iPhone allows you to change your wallpapers to basically anything you want, and by using the method below, you’ll be able to create your own ringtones too.

Here is how to create your own custom ringtones from songs in your iTunes library and then sync them to your iPhone.

1.) Open iTunes and select a song you would like to convert into a ringtone. Find a section in that song (usually around 30 seconds long) and remember the start time and finish time.

2.) Right-click on the Song Title and select Get Info. From here, click on the Options tab at the top of the window.

3.) Remember the start and finish times? Enter them into the appropriate boxes and click OK.

4.) Back on your playlist, highlight the song and then click on Advanced on the top of your screen (it is in between Store and Window). From the dropdown menu select Convert Selection to AAC.

5.) The song will play for a few seconds, then you’ll hear a “DING.” This means the song is now finished converting and you have a duplicate version.

6.) Delete the duplicate version by right clicking on the song and selecting Delete. When you select Delete, a dialogue box will appear giving you the option to Keep File. Select this.

7.) Using your Windows Explorer or your Apple Finder, navigate to where the file was saved. More often than not, iTunes files are stored in Music/iTunes/iTunes Music. When you find the file, you’ll notice that you’ll have your regular version, most likely an MP3 file and a file of the same name, only it has an M4a extension.

8.) Highlight your M4A version and change the extension from M4a to M4r.

9.) Double click on the newly created M4r file and iTunes will automatically import your new ringtone into the appropriate folder.

10.) Plug in your iPhone and start syncing.

Although this is a 10 step process, if you love making ringtones as much as I do, then this is just like breathing after a while. One thing to remember when using this process is to make sure to change the timing back to it’s original after the ringtone is created. If you don’t, then you might be stuck with a 30 second version of your favorite song.