‘Halo: Reach’ Beta Has Over One Million Players

If you tried to log into the Halo: Reach beta on the first day and couldn’t we can now explain why.

Over 1.1 million tried to play the beta at launch, says the studio Bungie. “Whoa. We knew that the Halo: Reach Beta launch would be kind of a big deal, but you came out of the gate and absolutely crushed our expectations. Also crushed on day one: our servers. Thanks for being patient as we worked out some of the kinks that inevitably come with a global launch effort, and thanks for jumping in and playing the Beta with us. We’ve already collected reams of data and your participation continues to help us make the game even better for the full release this fall.”

The overwhelming number of players kept causing matchmaking issues on launch day, but Bungie gave running updates as they tried to fix the problem. Hey, this is what betas are for, right?

Game Hunters over at USA Today provided some more Bungie stats. On the first day over 14 million games were played and players racked up over 157 million kills. There were more players trying Halo: Reach on the first day than there were in the entirety of the Halo 3 beta.

The beta should be running considerably smoother by now and will most likely continue to improve over the 17 days it’s available.