Twitter Rolls Out New Tool for Third-Party Embedding

Twitter has announced that it is rolling out a new tool that will allow embedding of tweets on third-party websites. Providing HTML code that prevents tampering of tweets, this will allow users to directly embed tweets that appear on the social media site, on their own websites, lending greater credibility to their articles.

Citing the website ReadWriteWeb, who has already used the new tool in their article on HP acquiring Palm, this could be potentially beneficial to news websites who are looking to quote sources, as they will now be able to add direct quotes from Twitter to their pieces, thus providing a link to where the information came from.

Twitter is already viewed as a goldmine of resources when it comes to finding article ideas and stories, as well as which angles to approach them from. With the addition of this new tool, it will make it easier for users to replicate tweets, which is currently being done by news organizations around the world with the copy and paste method. Now that won’t be necessary.

This could potentially solidify Twitter as a real-time information source, and cause people to craft their tweets more professionally, knowing that they could be used in news articles. This will take Twitter beyond a mere social media site and propel it to the next level as a credible source for news, something that will set it apart from websites like Facebook.