Google Chrome Beta With Built-In Flash

Chrome is really stepping up its features this time. They have released a Beta version of Chrome, version 5.0.375.29 for Windows, Linux and Mac. This speeds up performance by 30% according to the V8 benchmark test and 35% according to the SunSpider benchmark test, according to Google. So what are these benchmark tests anyway? Well, the V8 is a Google Javascript engine test and SunSpider is by Apple’s Webkit group.

So what features were introduced to help assist in this performance upgrade? The biggie is the integration of Flash into the browser. No more plug-in’s to get your Flash to work. This creates a much better experience for users. Even though Apple is trying to bring Flash down, Google just embraced it and made it user-friendly and easier than ever to use.

They also introduced HTML 5 specifications like Geolocation and file drag-and-drop and JavaScript engine speed boosts. They also expanded the cloud sync capabilities. In the past you were able to store your bookmarks in a cloud, allowing you to access them from any computer. Now you are also able to access your themes, homepage, language, start-up settings and Web content settings from any computer.

If you aren’t using Google’s Chrome already, you are really missing out. Chrome is up and coming, ranking 3rd in the usage market with a 6.7% rate. Only behind Internet Explorer with a 59.9% rate and Mozilla FireFox with a 24.6% usage rate. Personally, I haven’t used Internet Explorer in a very long time. I had been with FireFox, but after downloading Chrome, I’m actually impressed with how quickly it runs and easy it is to navigate. Feel free to download Chrome from Google by clicking here.