Halo: Reach Beta Start Time

Halo: Reach Beta

I’m sure there are many of you sitting in front of your Xbox 360 consoles checking every few minutes to see if the beta’s available yet.  Be patient my friends.

If you were one of the lucky few to win or find a Halo: Reach beta code, you’ll be happy to know you can jump into game play today, May 3, at 1 p.m. EST/ 10 a.m. PST.  It’s not expected to be in the UK/EU servers until later in the evening.

Don’t get ahead of yourself though.  The beta is only going to run for 17 days, ending on May 19.  Bungie said you’ll need the Halo: ODST expansion to fully enjoy it as well.  “‘ODST’ owners will be able to access the ‘Reach’ beta ‘late morning’ PDT on Monday, May 3rd,” said an FAQ posted on the Bungie Web site.  “Just put your ‘ODST’ campaign disc in and select the ‘Reach’ Beta menu option.”

Digital Foundry, which was one of the select few to get in on the beta before it became open to the public, reviewed the graphics saying beyond the occasional screen tear of “ghosting” issue, the overall visual presentation is quite impressive.  “Halo: Reach shares much in common with its predecessor – it aims to maintain 30 frames per second, and for over 99 per cent of the time the engine maintains v-sync. Torn frames do crop up from time to time, but rarely appear in groups and pretty much always remain at the top of the screen, making them virtually unnoticeable.”

Are you excited yet?  I’d say now is prime time to go out and stock up on snacks and energy drinks for when the beta starts!