Monday Madness: Google Buys BumpTop

Has the drama from Gizmodo buying the unreleased iPhone 4G ended?  Of course not.  Go to any tech site and you will find people still talking about it.  What’s new this week?  There haven’t been any updates I’ve found regarding the raid on Jason Chen’s house in late April.  You will find lots of word going around of a iPhone 4G knock-off that is being sold in China.  Although I’ve seen the pictures, I’m not impressed, it looks terribly cheap.

It also looks like rumors that 3D Virtual desktop interface Canadian start-up, BumpTop is being bought by Google are actually true.  We will have to sit back and see what genius things can be done when the companies merge.

For all you iPad users, there is good news!  It looks like there is now a hack that allows you to use a T-Mobile SIM card to send text messages via your iPad.  The AT&T SIM that comes factory with it is locked for sending text messages.  If your really interested in seeing the bare bones of the iPad, head over to iFixit.  They got an iPad the first day and destroyed it by taking it apart, piece by piece.

Another fun event this weekend pertained to our friends in the UK, who now have a Best Buy.  Lines were longer than you could imagine, but customers seem to be happy regardless of having to wait.  This is great news for the UK, enjoy the blue shirts, well-trained employees and a plethora of electronics.

What should you be looking for this coming week?

Looks like Verizon’s Microsoft Kin One and Two will be available for pre-sale on Thursday, May 6, 2010.  It will be available for sale through all avenues on May 13th.

There are also lots of tech conferences and expos this week.  Be on the look out for updates about the CMS Expo in Evanston, Illinois, The Web 2.o Expo in San Francisco and Digital Hollywood Spring in Santa Monica.