Halo Reach Beta Codes?

Are you just itching to get into the Halo: Reach beta?

Yeah, join the club.

Getting a beta code can be incredibly difficult for any game.  You can sign up, wait forever, and still not be blessed with the cherished code that will allow you to see content before anyone else.  Game Hunters, an affiliate of USA Today, got their hands on 50 codes to give away.  The first 50 readers to respond to their post on the website or through twitter got the codes.  Judging by the 140 comments on the site, a lot of people walked away empty handed.  It looks like all 50 codes were gone in less than a half hour.

Technologizer also had their own contest, but with only seven codes available.  Their contest was similar- you had to respond with a post with your thought on Halo: Reach through the site or on twitter.  However, these winners are chosen at random instead of first come, first served.  The contest is closed though, so I wouldn’t bother trying.

You can always buy the game Halo 3: ODST in order to get a beta code.  The game comes out on Monday (May 3), so it’s not too long to wait.  The free code contests were tantalizing though, especially with our economy still in the shape it’s in.  I’d imagine that’s why they went so quickly!