Free App Friday: Pandora

Pandora broke ground with it’s web component that creates user-generated music playlists for free. Now, it looks like Pandora is taking to the streets. The free Pandora App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad allows users to search by artist, song and composer to create a personalized playlist for any mood. The tap-friendly simple interface gives music lovers a chance to become their own walking DJ’s while at the same time giving them the option to listen to pre-created mixes.

The concept behind Pandora is similar to that of Apple Genius. If you like something you hear, you simply indicate that you do by tapping a thumbs-up. If you don’t, then tap a thumbs-down. Pandora then takes this information and builds playlists (that they call ‘stations’) catered to your liking. Although the thumbs-up/down system isn’t perfect (and neither is Genius) it does help expand your musical taste by suggesting tunes you might be interested in.

Visually, Pandora is a nice app to use and look at. Using the focus of album art to differentiate tracks from each other and a main control panel at the bottom of your screen, you never feel lost. The price is right, it works great and it’s one of those apps that has a lot of legs. It’s not like music is going to go out of style.


Free App Friday: Pandora — 1 Comment

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