Palm Pixi Free With New Sprint Contract

If you want a smartphone for cheap and ready to pick up a new contract, head on over to Sprint’s website.

I’m not sure if it’s a testimony as to how bad the Palm Pixi is selling or if the phone is inferior to its competition (AT&T has the iPhone and Verizon has the Droid), but with a new Sprint contract you can purchase a new Palm Pixi for free.  Yes, that’s right, Sprint will give you a Palm Pixi for signing with them.  Without a two year contract, the phone is $349.99.

Sprint had previously been offering the phone for approximately $50 with a two year contract.  Why the change?  Normally when a phone goes for $0 on the bottom line that hints that a new model is on the horizon.  This may not be true for the Palm phones.  According to Device Magazine, “Forget new devices, the word is that its webOS might eventually be replaced by Android in an attempt to change the dwindling fortunes of the company.”

Still, if you order the phone you will be have a full QWERTY keyboard, have 3G capabilities, and a multi-touch screen.  However, the Palm Pixi’s lack of Wi-Fi capabilities may be why this phone is listed so low on the website.