Product Review: Cadence Wrist Rocket

Large panel watches are all the rage right now. That cool modern guy working next to you is probably wearing one right now with all of the gigantic hands and dials staring right at you. But, and this is probably the thought behind wrist watch company Cadence, why are all of these large panel hipster watches analog? Thanks to the Cadence Watch Company, they no longer are.

Introducing the Wrist Rocket from Cadence. With a 31 mm digital display, the large panel wrist watch works both for the modern professional looking for a little bit of style, and the athlete looking for the accessory that doubles as a nice looking watch and an effective tool. The Wrist Rocket itself is only about 45 mm in size, so the screen takes up a large percentage of this allowing for easy view of the date, time and all of the functions like timer, stop watch and alarm. Although these might not be ground breaking by any means, the Wrist Rocket is one of the first to use a fully digital display.

Cadence is selling the Wrist Rocket on their site for only $49.99 (plus shipping of course) so if compared to some of the other large panel, analog style wrist watches on the market, this is a complete steal. Couple the Wrist Rocket watch with the Wrist Rocket Stand, and you’ll be set. The red rocket shaped watch stand retails for $15, but it looks like Cadence is running a promotion where the rocket stand is only $7.99.

Check out both products at the Cadence Watch Company Store.