Blackberry Bold 9650 Coming to Sprint

The follow up to the Blackberry Tour is on its way.

RIM and Sprint announced t0day that the new Blackberry Bold 9650 is going to make it’s debut on Sprint.  It has all the features of the Blackberry Tour with added Wi-Fi and an optical trackpad instead of the trackball.

According to PC World, “The Tour’s trackball has been users’ number-one complaint about the smartphone, because the little ball tends to get gunky or sticky. The Bold 9650 looks almost exactly like the Tour, except RIM has swapped out the ball for a smooth, gunk-free pad. Like the Tour, it has a 2.44-inch, 480-by-360 screen.”  There’s no word as to how to keep the pad gunk free though.

The Bold 9650 boasts 802.11b/g WiFi (which was missing from the Tour), a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth, support for US EV-DO Rev A networks or UMTS/HSPDA when abroad along with being on Sprint’s 3G CDMA network.

Look for the Blackberry Bold 9650 starting May 23.  Sprint says the phone will be $199.99 after a $100 mail in rebate, which is pretty standard for most new smartphones.  I’d imagine this price would only be available after signing up for a new two year contract.

I must admit, I’m one of the few that I know of that doesn’t have a smartphone yet.  I am not a Sprint customer and, while the Bold 9650 does look like a cool phone, it’s not enough to entice me away from Verizon, not with the Droid readily at my fingertips come renewal time or the possibility of an iPhone for Verizon on the horizon.

What do you think?  Will you upgrade to the Bold 9650 or even switch to Sprint for it?