Top Inventions: Video Games

Like many inventions, the evolution of the video game has changed the functionality, the look, the power and even the point, but everything began with two white paddles bouncing a little ball back and forth. Since Pong‘s release, video games have become a pillar in modern entertainment. Along with movies, television, the Internet and, oh yeah something called exercise, video games are embedded into our lives.

The history of the modern video game started in the arcades. Along with pin-ball machines, games like Donkey Kong, Joust, Galaga and Asteroids ate quarters like there was no tomorrow. It was Atari that brought the arcade experience to the home in 1975 when they released a two player, console-based version of Pong. The sales went through the roof as it allowed anyone to pick up a controller and play the game without leaving the living room, thus spawning the beginning of the home video game console.

Atari was just the beginning as soon after companies like Nintendo and Sega began producing console-based games and new technology that pushed the boundaries. Iconic console games like Super Mario Bros, Gauntlet, Golden Axe and Pole Position were brought into the home. Console gaming was achieving huge success it spawned another big era in video games, the hand held gaming console. Nintendo released the Game Boy and everything changed. People were now able to take their video games on the go.

While the console and hand held video game industries were taking off, so was the home computer gaming industry. Using the power of personal computers, game developers were breaking ground and when the Internet came into play, video games took off. Not only were major video game publishers like Nintendo jumping on the ability to connect over the Internet, it spawned companies like Microsoft with their XBOX and Sony with their Playstation to release their own video game systems. The Internet revolutionized video games as it allowed people to play against each other without actually being in the same room, house, or even country.

Today, with systems like the XBOX 360, the Sony Playstation 3, the Nintendo Wii, the personal computer, and the iPhone, gaming is a way of life. Even today, some free online games shooting multiplayer have gained a massive amount of popularity. At any given time, at any point in the day and from any location we can simply turn one on and start playing. The evolution has swayed players from the traditional controller-based experience and brought games like Guitar Hero, Wii Fit and the new Playstation Move into our lives again, spawning another shift in the video game evolution.

Gaming is a way of life, whether it be joining a Team Death Match in a first person shooter, slaying the dragon in an RPG, scoring a goal in video game soccer or simply bouncing a ball back and forth with two white lines.