Hantech Tablo for Laptops

Little scraps of paper begone, back to the depths from which you came!  The Hantech Tablo for laptops has the ability to convert a regular laptop into a tablet computer.

Once you purchase this little device, there’s no need for buying a completely separate tablet to use a painting or drawing applications nor is there need for handwritten notes (that you’ll inevitably lose) to be stickied to your laptop either.

The Tablo has a direct pen unit that can be used directly on the screen of your laptop, on the pad provided, or even in the air (much like a Wii motion control or the new Sony Move) for 2D and 3D emotional handwriting.  The device works with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 and has no problems with integration into Microsoft Office 2007.  Woot.com says this product works with Adobe Photoshop, PDF, and Illustrator as well.

According to SoftSailor.com, “This device comes with brush effect with speed pressure technique, and it sends information via infrared and ultrasonic rays that help the laptop to recognize the pen’s location. If you are one of those guys who cares too much about fashion, then rest assured because the Hantech Tablo for Laptops is very stylish while being very portable.”

This is a great device for those Windows users who can’t really buy an iPad for fear of ostracism from their friends and for those who want to save hundreds of dollars.  The Hantech Tablo for laptops only costs $39.99 plus $5 for shipping.

I wonder how the people at Apple feel about this!