If you live without decent a radio station around your area, then you know how much it matters to have decent radio stations readily available. So if you live in a small town with one or no radio stations, have mountains blocking out radio stations with every curve in the road or simply can not stand the stations in your city, then it is time finally find some radio stations. It becomes too much of a hassle to constantly buy or burn new CDs. After all, why should you have to pick out every song you are going to listen to? How are you going to discover new songs and artists without watching MTV or some variance of it? And once you are past the age of thirteen, or are capable of deciphering good music from bad, then MTV is of no use to you. If you’re in the predicament, then the best option for you is probably satellite radio.

Yes, satellite radio can be expensive for many reasons, so make sure you are really determined and truly want this before you buy it. The actual radio itself can be pricey, depending on where you buy and what you buy. There are radios meant for your car. So this means you would have to pay for the radio, install it yourself or pay for installation, then pay a monthly or yearly fee for radio service. The dollars can quickly add up. Fortunately, most newer cars come with the capability of satellite radio built right into the car, so you only need to pay for a monthly or yearly usage fee. Another type of satellite radio is a simple run-of-the-mill radio. This kind is simply meant to be stationed in your house. Unlike the car radio, there is no silver lining in this deal. If you want this, there’s no way of getting around purchasing the actual radio. If a house radio seems to limited to you and is getting you the bang of your buck, then the last choice may help. The portable radio, in my opinion is the best option. Almost all, if not every satellite radio is built with high sound quality and is very durable. So, you can bring it wherever you want music: in the back yard, the gym, anywhere outdoors or anywhere else you may want. This deal also means that you must buy the actual radio and pay a subscription fee. Your problem of having no decent station is quickly solved though, with a portable radio. Also, be sure to compare providers as well. The two main companies are Sirius and XM. The deal you are searching for may determine which company you choose, but certainly check out both.

Satellite radio may be a Godsend quick and easy solution you’ve been looking for. For the music-deprived, this is most likely the best deal you can find. Coming from a small town myself, I would have loved to have more than 3 radio stations to choose from (and none of them were good). Look into each providers features, and I’m sure you’ll be won over for satellite radio.