One indication of the ever-changing and always-advancing technological world is the simplification of ordinary mundane things. One way that this is most apparent is the increasing abundance of books transferred to audio. Audio books are no longer contained to simply tapes or CDs. That would require way too much effort for something ordinary nowadays. With vast amounts of deep libraries of MP3’s and applications online, you are almost guaranteed to find any literary work you are searching for on audio. Whether you are a student that doesn’t want to read the novel you have been assigned or just someone that wants to catch up on you reading without having the time to actually sit down with a book, then audio books may be a great option to consider.

If you’re lucky enough to own an iPhone, iPod, iTouch, or any other variation Apple can think of coming up with, then you truly are in luck. The iTunes  library is probably the most extensive and high quality collection of applications for mobile phones and devices. There are several applications to choose from in iTunes. Many are free and have expansive databases. There are many applications that cost one, two or three dollars. So, if you don’t want ads popping up every few minutes or have the audio chopped up into shorter segments, consider spending one or a few dollars to make your application worth the download.

If you do not want to cave to the Apple craze, then your options of applications are not as broad, but some do exist. For BlackBerry owners, the application library is growing at a steady pace hoping to soon give Apple and iTunes a run for its money. This means that there are several audio books applications available for the BlackBerry. If you own one, be sure to explore these apps, because they are only an aid or new source for entertainment.

For all other devices and computers (for those who are resisting itunes on your computer), then applications are not the option for you. You must simply download an MP3 file in the same way that you would download a song. There are many free (and more importantly legal) websites that have many audio books. Many websites cater solely to audio books. These usually have the most substantial selection of audio books. Other search engines that just have an array of MP3 files typically have more songs than any other type of file. So, simply download the MP3 file of which ever you books your little heart desires onto your computer. Then, transfer the file to your music library and/or portable device and you are now ready to start “reading” your book.

Whatever your motive may be to increase your literacy, audio books make this an extremely simple task and therefore an option you may want to consider. It’s even less effortless for iPhone, iPod, iTouch and BlackBerry owners. Kids, look into this to finish that book you need to read for your literature class. Adults, think about using it when you want something else to do besides relaxing by watching TV. This is one thing you won’t regret.