Remote starters have been a boon for the automotive industry as a whole. Whether purchase as an aftermarket accessory, or included as part of the original purchase, these handy devices have created a whole segment for the tier one supplier. Although originally intended to be used primarily for cold weather, they have been adapted as a security measure as well, making it safer, especially for female drivers attempting to reach their vehicle unescorted. This by itself, is a particularly strong selling point, as the benefits can now be applied to a greater cross section of the buying public.

How do they work?
These units typically work from distances of 500 feet or less. Intended mainly for the colder northern climate at the outset, the automobile can be safely started on a cold morning. By having the car reach normal driving conditions before getting in, the operator can then safely perform any adjustments prior to actually getting on the road. Not only is this more comfortable, but can provide a measure of performance as well. Most people are not at ease during the first 15 to 20 minutes on the road on a cold day. This is because the car isn’t warm enough for their liking. It also means that adjusting the heater and other settings can potentially cause problems, due to a distracted driver.

Since they were first introduced, remote starters for autos have come a long way in both their sophistication and level of features. Many of them are now integrated with a computer chip that enables user to program in specific times to start the engine. This is quite a boon for those people who tend to over sleep and are desperately trying to catch up with the day’s events. By setting this kind of function ahead of time, it is likely to produce a more restful sleep period and promote safe driving habits while on the road.

Special features
There are a wide variety of these starters now available, with features to match any price range. Most have a small key fob with one or two buttons to control the remote system. In addition, there are anti-hijack modes, an rpm sensor, door unlocking capabilities and a remote panic if desired. This wide range of features has made this one indispensable tool for those people in the northern climate. While this is not intended strictly for this segment of the population, nonetheless, that is where most of the ads are targeting.

How to find one
It is not hard to find a list of price ranges or features for any of the remote starters. Doing a simple keyword search will bring up a list of suppliers able to satisfy even the most discriminating consumer. Some of them even have a coupon good for a free installation. This in itself is a definite bonus, and should be enough to entice a potential buyer to see what all they have to offer. What most buyers are looking for is an easy to operate system that can perform on a consistent basis. While the list of available packages are tempting, the price range tends to turn off a potential customer who only wants a basic model.

Underlying technology
These units work on a radio frequency, with the signal being communicated between the sending unit (in the owners hand) and the receiving unit mounted in the vehicle. Since the range is effectively 500 feet or less, most drivers will be in sight of their cars before activating the unit. It also makes sounding an alarm if an intruder happens along without notice. This safeguard is built in to most basic brands as a precaution. Easily activated and also easily silenced if a mistake was made, this is one of the items sought by most older purchasers.

Do you need one?
Whether or not you will need remote starters for your vehicle obviously depends on climate and living conditions, but they are handy to have when bad weather strikes suddenly. A one time investment can bring peace of mind that will last for many years. It is well worth the time and effort to install one in your vehicle.