Many people are aware of projectors as boring devices used for office presentations. Did you know there are also projectors for watching TV or movies? That’s right. Technology has come a long way, and replacing your television with a high definition projector is now affordable. Home theater projectors are becoming more popular, and that means prices have come down. These projectors are similar to the ones in movie theaters only on a smaller scale. That means you can have a real live theater in your living room.

Big Screen TV Gets a Whole New Meaning

The first benefit of a home theater projector is the huge screen size. If you’re considering buying a big screen TV, you know the price jumps up considerably on the larger screen sizes. Let’s compare projectors to LCD TVs. The most popular big screen LCD TV size is the 46-inch. The price ranges from $500 to $1,000 depending on the quality. Competing home theater projectors can also start at around $500 dollars, yet give up to a 300-inch screen size. Of course, you don’t need to have a wall that big. Projectors can go as low as 30-inch screen sizes and anywhere in between. That means you can fit the screen size to your needs instead of being limited to what screen size the TV manufacturer finds convenient. And when you compare big screen TVs in the 50-inch and larger range, projectors actually save you money because they cost less than those enormous big screens.

You Won’t Need to Buy Another TV Ever Again

There is a trend among consumers buying televisions; They tend to buy a bigger TV each time they upgrade to a new one. If you find yourself buying a bigger TV each time you upgrade, then you should look into buying a home theater projector. Why? The first reason is you don’t need to buy another TV to get a bigger screen. If you move into a new house, you can simply set the projector further back. The further away the projector is the larger the screen size. You would simply need to purchase a larger screen, and you have the other option of using special wall paint (explained later in this article). With a home theater projector, you can invest in it once and enjoy the benefits for much longer while still keeping the option to get increase the screen size later.

Weight and Size

Weight and projector size are other important benefits to projectors. Projectors are small and usually mounted on the ceiling, so they don’t take up any floorspace in your home. The screens are even thinner than flat-screen TV’s which means there is nothing protruding from your wall. Also, most projectors weigh five to ten pounds. Consider that next time you see your neighbor profusely sweating as he lugs his 60-inch LCD into his new home. A home theater projector delivers a big screen TV and takes up the smallest amount of space.

Computer Friendly

Another big advantage to home theater projectors is they tend to be computer friendly. That means you can use it for movies, shows, and anything else downloaded from the internet. You might even kiss our cable or satellite TV goodbye because most movies and TV shows are now available on-demand from the web. Of course, you can still choose to watch normal TV on your projector as well as surf the internet big-screen style. Projectors are also DVD friendly in case you’ve built up a large collection over the years.

Projectors Screens

There are a few options when deciding on what type of surface you will view your TV shows and movies. You can get high-tech screens which lower down from the ceiling at the touch of a remote control. More commonly (and cost effective) is a fixed frame screen. Much like a framed picture that hangs on your wall, a framed screen can be custom built to fit your living room wall. Your price range should be about $200 to $400 dollars depending on the quality of the material. A simple internet search can provide a list of where to buy these type of screens. Don’t be fooled by claims of high grade materials for thousands of dollars. It’s true that the materials might give a better image, but the differences are not that noticeable on a practical day-to-day basis.

You have two more options when it comes to the screen. These options aren’t discussed much by vendors because they save you a lot of money (instead of it going into the vendor’s pocket). The first alternative is a special paint which goes on your wall. You should pay about $130 to $150 for the paint and accessories. Once again, an internet search will help you here. However, you may not like marking up your wall with paint. If that’s the case, there is one more alternative: Nothing. That’s right. Before investing in a screen, you should at least try the projector on your wall. If you like the results, don’t buy any type of screen. You’ll save money and your wall will look nice when the projector is not in use.


There are many benefits of home theater projectors. They have bigger screens, weigh less, work well with computers and internet, and make nice long-term investments. Consider these types of projectors next time you find yourself drooling over that HDTV at your local electronics shop.