The craze about smart phones has caught on big time in the telecom sector especially in the sector of cell phones. Most manufacturers of cell phones focus on the manufacture, design and improvement of their already existing range of smart phones. The competition is so high that every producer is intent on outdoing the other and capturing the market. The other thing that has helped in expediting the process of the popularization of smart phones is that the market is free and ever on the rise with respect to size and potential. With all major manufacturers developing great buys as far as smart phones are concerned, the buyer or the potential buyer has a world of phones to choose from. So what is it about a smart phone that has caught the imagination of an expanding number of cell phone buyers?

What a Smart Phone Integrates

The main reason why people are ever so fascinated with smart phones is that these little cubes and cuboids of technology are sufficient for a number of purposes. They are a place where many different forms of technology are integrated. These little gadgets make one marvel and crave for them. To say the least, buying a smart phone is an intelligent purchasing decision in itself as it lets one compromise some other purchases without having to compromise on those features. A smart phone usually integrates a magnificent cellular phone with a number of attributes that you find in a basic computer peripheral. However, the integration has more attributes to it than just these two. Very common features of smart phones are music integration, live radio frequency receiving services, digital photography, filming and much more. That being said, a smart phone takes care of telephony, basic computing, digital photography, music requirements and much more.

Features of a Smart Phone

It may be of great interest to find out exactly what features are offered by any typical smart phone. As for basic computing, one of the most common things done on the computer is communication through the internet.

Web Services

A smart phone was developed from the very beginning to have the ability to facilitate communication over the web. Starting out from basic GPRS and WAP services in the initial stages, the smart phones of today offer great internet reception and communication through services such as 3G and 4G technologies. These technologies have provided unprecedented speeds for mobile internet communication. Common web based services offered by almost all of the smart phones of today are MMS, Push Mail, e-mail and chat messenger. Smart phones even support internet exploring browser platforms such as Opera Mini and Mozilla Firefox from Google. Bluetooth and other data transferring and communicating options have become basal over the years.


The launch of smart phones was greatly popular among all potential buyers from the very beginning. One of the major reasons for the grand success of smart phones was the integration of photo and video capturing options into these phones. While initially most of the cameras integrated into these phones had QVGA resolution snapping and capturing facilities, with time smart phones have come to integrate an elite grade of digital photo and video capturing potential. Nowadays integration of 8 megapixels and 10 megapixels digital camera into smart phones is not unheard of. This really makes purchase of a digital camera unnecessary.

Music Players

Music is one thing that is loved by all, and if extensive music can be played on a smart phone then it is undoubtedly going to be a favorite among music lovers, which in essence means that they are going to be a favorite among everybody. Music files are generally stored in a variety of formats. Initially smart phones used to support only MP3 or wav format music files. However, those days are now far behind in history. The smart phones of 2010 support all major music formats including music files that are different from windows media files.

Video Player

The latest smart phones of today offer video recording facilities. Videos on phones are more often than not recorded in 3GP formats. However, that does not limit any given smart phone to playing only 3GP formats of video files alone. All the available smart phones on the market come with inbuilt video players. Many of these players support an extensive range of video file formats including 3GP, AVI and MP4.
In addition to all these, it is always nice to be able to listen to the radio on the go and the smart phones never fail to provide that.

The Telephony of Smart Phones

A smart phone with all of its advanced features is still a cellular phone. Sometimes in an effort to integrate more technology, some smart phones do compromise on the basic telephony aspect. It may be a good idea to compare several smart phones on the internet before making a decision on which one to purchase. More often than not, trusted names such as Nokia and Samsung can be expected to live up to their claims.